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For the 1985 NFL season, the San Diego Chargers led the league in scoring offense with 467 points.

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Q: What team led the NFL in scoring in 1985?
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Has an NFL team ever won the Super Bowl and lead the league in scoring?

Through Super Bowl XLIV, that has happened 10 times. 1) 1971 Dallas Cowboys - won Super Bowl VI and led the NFL with 406 points. 2) 1972 Miami Dolphins - won Super Bowl VII and led the NFL with 385 points. 3) 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers - won Super Bowl XIV and led the NFL with 416 points. 4) 1989 San Francisco 49ers - won Super Bowl XXIV and led the NFL with 442 points. 5) 1991 Washington Redskins - won Super Bowl XXVI and led the NFL with 485 points. 6) 1994 San Francisco 49ers - won Super Bowl XXIX and led the NFL with 505 points. 7) 1996 Green Bay Packers - won Super Bowl XXXI and led the NFL with 456 points. 8) 1997 Denver Broncos - won Super Bowl XXXII and led the NFL with 472 points. 9) 1999 St. Louis Rams - won Super Bowl XXXIV and led the NFL with 526 points. 10) 2009 New Orleans Saints - won Super Bowl XLIV and led the NFL with 510 points.

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