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Jon Bryant

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2008-11-26 10:26:51
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Q: Which former Badger led the 2000 NCAA team in scoring during the tournament?
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During the 1970 season which former Hawkeye led the team in scoring by averaging 27.9 ppg?

John Johnson

How many sacks did former Badger Tom Burke record in 1998 to lead the NCAA?

The answer is 22.

Which former Badger is the all-time rebounding leader at Wisconsin with 904 rebounds?

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Which former Badger holds the school record for most career double-doubles at 47?

Joe Franklin

Which former Maple Leaf is amongst the highest scoring Americans of all time?

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Which former Hawkeye was the first player to lead the Big Ten in scoring and assists in 1997?

Andre Woolridge

What former Hawkeye kicker holds 14 kicking and scoring school records?

Nate Kaeding, currently (2008) the placekicker for the San Diego Chargers, holds the Hawkeye all time scoring record.

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