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North Korea are ranked number 1

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Q: What team is ranked 1 in deca sports extreme for 3DS?
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What are four categories of sports?

team sports , induvidual sports , extreme sports and air sports

Participation in traditional team sports of football basketball and baseball has dropped 30 percent while extreme sports have grown at a rate of?

There is a decrease in extreme sports as well as traditional sports.

How are standings calculated in sports?

the mostly ranked by favoritism as well as last year record what type of player there are on that team and heart

What determines which college team is visiting team in national championship?

higher ranked team is home; lower ranked team is away.

What part of speech is Ranked?

Verb. I RANKED the team #1.

What is England's field hockey world ranking?

The men's team is ranked sixth. The women's team is ranked eighth.

What is Ireland's field hockey world ranking?

The men's team is ranked 18th. The women's team is ranked 16th.

What is New Zealand's field hockey world ranking?

The men's team is currently ranked 7th and the women's team is ranked 11th.

What is the correct grammar between team sports or sports team?

A sports team is grammatically correct.

Is the US soccer team better than Spain's soccer team?

Spain is ranked #1 in the FIFA ranking. The U.S. are ranked 22nd.

What are the differences between team sports and individual team sports?

In team sports u have to trust your team but in individual sports u have to work by urself ..

Are there any lacrosse games for the Wii?

"Deca Sports #3"The game has 10 different sports, one of them being lacrosse (be sure you look for #3 as each release has different sports in it)The series "College lacrosse 20XX" was originally announced for Wii, but appears to have only been released for Xbox with a port for PS3 announced.Note: Activisions "Big League Sports" claims to have lacrosse, but it wont actually let you play a real game. None of the sports it claims to have actually allow you to play the sport "team vs team". It only simulates a piece of each sport (the basketball for example is just you throwing free throws, not playing the game and the soccer is just you blocking random shots as goalie with no team aspect)I don't know of any other lacrosse games for wii besides the Deca sports 3 and the non-team bizarro version in Big League Sports.

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