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kari :))))

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Q: What team is lebron going to be in 2010?
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What team is LeBron James gong to?

Lebron is going to the heat.

Which team is lebron going to?


What year is lebron going to be in the dunking contest?

LeBron is soppost to be in the 2010 season

Is lebron James going to be a free agent in 2010?


Is lebron going to the heat?

LeBron James had announced he was going to the Miami Heat on July 8, 2010 however he returned to the Cleveland Cavs in 2014.

What team do you think lebron James is going to go to?

Miami heat!

What NBA team will get the best player in free agency in 2010?

No dobt Lebron

Who got LeBron James?

The Miami Heat it is now the top three free agents for 2010 all on one team. Wade, Lebron, and Bosh.

What team did LeBron James play on?

Lebron has played in cleveland for 7 years and in 2010 he moved to miami heat and is still play as of now for miami

Are the Chicago Bulls going to the playoffs?

Yes from statistics from the nba Foundation , Yes

Who is better Kevin durant or Lebron james?

Lebron James Who won the scoring title in '10 and is going to in '11? KD. Who is more important to his team? KD. Hmmmmmmmm...

Will lebron get his title?

There is no for sure answer to this question, But most likely, yes. The Cavs are clearly the best team in the NBA as of 2010. And LeBron appears to be starving for that title more than anyone else