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Q: What team is Number one defensive team on 2008 NFL season so far?
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Who is number fifteen on the brewers team?

In the 2008 season, that is pitcher Ben Sheets.

What is the team record for doubles in a season?

Through the 2008 season, the MLB record for doubles by a team in a season is 376 by the 2008 Texas Rangers.

Which team in serie a had the most number of wins in a season?

Internazionale is the team in Serie A that has the most number of wins in a season.

Who was the best team in the NFL for 2008?

The Pittsburgh Steelers. They were the 2008 season champions.

What team has sacked the QB most in a season?

In the NFL, as of the 2008 season the record for most sacks in a season by a team is 72 by the 1984 Chicago Bears.

Who is the worst team in the 2008 MLB Season?

The Washington Nationals

Has any nfl team had offensive and defensive player of year in same season?

Through the 2008 season, as far as the Associated Press awards go that has happened once. In 2003, the Associated Press awarded their Offensive Player of the Year award to Jamal Lewis and their Defensive Player of the Year award to Ray Lewis, both of the Baltimore Ravens.

What NFL team did not win a game in 2008 season?

The 2008 Detroit Lions lost all 16 regular-season games.

What team is currently the only team ever to go 0-16 in reagular season?

The Detroit Lions in 2008-2009 Season

Who has uniform changes in the upcoming NFL season?

No NFL team will have uniform changes for the 2008 season.

Number of team members for 2008 olympic colombia team?

68 total 2008 olympic team members

What team definding a basket?

Defensive team.

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