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The all-time record for most consecutive losing seasons is held by Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. PVAMU, a Division I-AA (FCS) school, compiled 31 consecutive losing seasons from 1976-2006. From 1989-1998, the Panthers lost an NCAA record (all divisions) 80-straight games, nearly doubling second-place Columbia's 44 consecutive losses. The Panthers finally achieved a winning 7-3 record in 2007 before going 9-1 in 2008, and again going 9-1 as well as winning the SWAC championship in 2009.

Oregon State University ran up 28 consecutive losing seasons from 1971-1998 to earn the NCAA Division I-A (FBS) record for consecutive losing seasons. During that time the Beavers compiled a 65-238-6 record.

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Q: What team holds the record for most consecutive losing seasons in Division I college football?
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