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1972 n y mets

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Q: What team had no player with 100 hits in a season?
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Nhl team to reach 100 points in the regular season the quickest?

Depends what season

Who was the last player to score 100 goals in an AFL season?

Lance Franklin in 2009 was the last player to score 100 goals in an AFL season

Who was the first NFL player to catch 100 passes in a season?

Lionel Taylor. For the Denver Broncos in 1961 he had 100 catches for 1176 yards and 4 TDs. He was named to the all pro team.

Which baseball team was the last to win 100 games?

As of the 2009 season the New york Yankees were the last team to win 100 games, with 103.

Who are the championship's best team 0f the 0708 season?

west brom,by 100%

Who were the first football team to score over 100 points in a season?

York City 1983/4 season York City 1983/4 season

What team had the best record in the Major Leagues in 2005?

That was the St. Louis Cardinals with a record of 100-62. The Cardinals were the only team to win 100+ games in the 2005 season.

Who was the first team to concede 100 premiership goals?

Swindon Town in the 93/94 season

Who was the last AFL player to kick 100 goals in a season?

The first person to kick 100 goals in a season was George Mitchells.

What is the most points scored in a NBA game?

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

Who was the last team to score 100 league goals in a season?

This year Chelsea scored 103 goals.

What was the phillies best season ever?

93 season. That Phils team was predicted to end the season in last place. They were never shutout. Every game was exciting to watch. They beat a braves team that won over 100 game and had an amazing pitching staff.

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