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Through the 2009 season, that is the 2009 New York Yankees that won 103 regular season games.

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Q: What is the most recent MLB team to win 100 games?
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Who determine who wins the most games in football?

I'm not 100% on this question. To me it would seem that the team that wins the most games is the team that determines who has the most games. It's a statistic, not a decision, determination, or vote.

Which baseball team was the last to win 100 games?

As of the 2009 season the New york Yankees were the last team to win 100 games, with 103.

Has a baseball team ever win more than 100 games?

Many major league teams have won 100 games in a season. The most wins ever in the National League was 116 by the 1906 Chicago Cubs and the most in the American League was 111 by the Cleveland Indians in 1954. The last team to win 100 games was the Philadelphia Phillies with 102 in 2011.

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During the red sox's first 100 years what was the most number of games that the team lost in a season?

111 in 1932.

What fraction of their games did a football team lose if they won 55 percent of their games?


What was the last baseball team to win 100 games?

2008 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (100-62)

What team had the best record in the Major Leagues in 2005?

That was the St. Louis Cardinals with a record of 100-62. The Cardinals were the only team to win 100+ games in the 2005 season.

What is the most points scored in a NBA game?

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

What is the most points scored in the elite eight games?


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When did the Yankees lose 100 games?

The franchise has lost 100+ games twice, both seasons when they were known as the Highlanders. 1) 1908: record was 51-103 2) 1912: record was 50-102 Since the franchise changed the name to Yankees in 1913, the most games the team has lost in a season is 95 in 1990.

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Mark Ramprikash scored his hundredth first class hundred yesterday (Saturday 2 August, 2008).

What is the most points in a NBA game?

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

A soccer team played 160 games and won 65 percent of them How many games did they win?

104 ie 160 x 65/100

Is there a basketball team that has won 100 games in a row?

NO but UCLA won 88 straight games from 1971 to 1974. That is the longest winning streak in basketball.

Who has the most 100 yard games in Redskins history?

That is Clinton Portis with 22 100-yard rushing games through Week 6 of the 2008 season.

Who holds the record for the most 100 yard rushing games in a season?