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Michigan State Spartans. The N.Y. Mets. Metropolitan's (Greek word)

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Q: What team gets its name from Greece?
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What team gets introduced first at the Olympics?

The team from Greece.

What team always gets introduced first at the olypics? honor of the ancient olympians.

How did magnesium get its symbol?

Magnesium gets its symbol (Mg) from its name: magnesium. Magnesium gets its name from Magnesia, a location in ancient Greece.

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It gets it name from the place in England called Arsenal.

What is the Greece soccer team called?


What is the other name for Greece?

=Another name for Greece is Hellas.=

Is there a football team in Greece?

yes there is a footballteam in Greece they have won the Euros in 2004

What is the full name for Greece?

The full name of Greece is "The Hellenic Republic"

Has Greece football team ever won a world cup?

Greece football team have won a Euro 2004 but not a world cup as yet.

What is the old name for Greece?

There is no new or old name. There is a Latin name: Greece and a Greek name: HELLAS

What are the team colors for Greece soccer team?

the team colors a blue and white (there flag colors)

Is Greece cold or hot or worm?

It gets really hot in the summers there and i have no idea about how cold it gets

Name the two periods in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece, Classical Greece, Hellenistic Greece.

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Is olympiakos the best team in greece?


What is the origins of the name gentiana?

The gentian plant gets its name from Gentius, King of Illyria (a part of Greece) from 180-167 b.c., who is said to have discovered the medicinal value of these plants.

Does Greece have a soccer team?

Greece has several divisions of professional football teams and a national team which won the European Championship a few years ago.

How old are leperchauns?

leopricons are approximately 49, and gets the name from the 49ers (football team). they do not get any older.

Is there a football team that begin with the letter x?

yer xanthi of Greece yer xanthi of Greece

What are the two most popular basketball teams in Greece Greece?

the greek national team and panathanaikos

What name was Greece called before Greece?


What time of year gets most rain in Greece?


What soccer team is better France or Greece?


What was the first soccer team to be invented?

ancient greece

Which football team has the most fans in Greece?