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Kentucky, currently at 22 games.

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Q: What team does the Florida gators hold the longest win streak over?
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Which team hold the Longest streak of not making the NHL playoffs?

Florida Panthers

Which team does UF presently hold the longest win streak over?

Notre Dame streak over Navy is the current all-time leader for the longest consecutuve winning streak over one team in Div. 1A (Bowl Championship Series) football. That streak ended November 2007. The longest active streak is the Universty of Kentucky's 23 consecutive losses to the Tennesse Volunteers. Kentucky last defeated Tennessee in 1984. The University of Kentucky also has the second longest active losing streak to one team, the University of Florida Gators. The University of Kentucky last defeated Florida in 1985 suffering 21 consecutive losses.

How many seats does the Florida Gators football arena hold?


Who hold them world record for the longest winning streak on jeopardy?

ken jennings

Who had the third longest NBA winning streak?

Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks hold the third longest winning streak at 20 games, which they set in the 1970-1971 season.

What team had the longest winning streak in NHL history?

The longest win streak is held by the 1992-1993 penguins with 17 games. The longest home win streak is held by the 2011-2012 Detroit Red Wings at 23 games The 1979-1980 Philadelphia Flyers hold the longest undefeated streak (wins and ties) at 35 games.

What is the longest current streak of bowl appearances?

Florida State University - 28 and counting, through the 2009 season. Actually the longest current streak is Boston College at 12 bowls and counting through 12/5/10 although they are bowl eligible this year. FSU does not hold the current record.

Who hold the record for the longest hitting streak in MLB history?

Joe DiMaggio with 56 games.

What high school hold the longest losing streak in football in the state of Kentucky?

Betsy layne...

The Lakers hold the record for the longest consecutive win streak How many games in a row did they win?


Longest current losing streak to an opponent in college football?

I believe after Navy broke their 43 year losing streak to Notre Dame, the dubious honor now falls to Kentucky versus Tenessee at 23. Unfortunately for Kentucky, I think they also hold the next one too which is a 21 year streak with Florida.

What is the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball's American league?

The 2002 Oakland Athletics hold the record for the longest Major League Baseball (MLB) winning streak by an American League (AL) team with 20 consecutive wins.

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