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Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks hold the third longest winning streak at 20 games, which they set in the 1970-1971 season.

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Q: Who had the third longest NBA winning streak?
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Who has the longest winning streak in basketball NBA or College?

UCLA's 88 game win streak is the longest in mens basketball

Who has longest winning streak in nba 2012?

SA Spurs 11 two times

What was the Phoenix Suns longest winning streak of the 2005-06 NBA season?

11 games

What is the longest NBA winning streak to begin a season?

Los Angeles Lakers with 33 straight wins

In What year did the Milwaukee Bucks have the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

The Bucks 20 game winning streak began February 6 and ended March 8 in 1971.

What team had the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

The 07-08 Houston Rockets with 22 consecutive wins.

What is the longest consecutive playoff winning streak in the NBA?

1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers The team went 33 matches unbeaten

Longest losing streak by NBA champion?


In what year did Boston Celtics have the biggest winning streak?

In the 2008-2009 season, Boston went on a 19-game winning streak, which is a franchise record, and fifth in NBA's all time winning streak records.

What NBA team has the longest current streak for not making the playoffs?


What is the longest losing streak to start an NBA season?

New Jersey Nets with an 0-18 losing streak

What NBA franchise has the longest consecutive streak for making the playoffs?

The Boston Celtics