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The team they last played with

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Q: What team does a MLB player retire with?
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Can you retire on MLB 2k11 in my player?

you have the option to retire when your contract is over

Who was the last MLB team to retire?

Montreal Expos. They changed to the Washington Nationals in 2005.

Can you retire in mlb 2k11 my player mode?

Yes you can you have to complete all of the hall of fame goals.Then you can choose to retire but when you become 35 that is your last year then you have to retire

What is the starting salary of a Major League Baseball player?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

How much is the average Major League Baseball player paid?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

How do you get team streetball team and 1 on NBA 2k11?

You have to beat my player and retire as the best basketball player that ever played

What MLB team has the most speed player wise?


Who makes the most money in MLB?

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

Can a MLB player suit up with his team if he is on the disabled list?


What are the requirements to get a MLB championship ring How long does a player have to be on the team to receive one ie Manny Ramariz?

The requirements to getting a MLB championship ring are winning an MLB championship. There should not be a time limit for players being on the team.

How do you get a chance in MLB?

you have to keep studying baseball and become an excellent player then you go to the miner leagues and if you are a good player, managers of mlb teams will have to see you play then decide if they want you for their team. If they choose you, then you will have become a part of the mlb.

What team can a major league baaseball player retire from?

All 30 of them.

Who are is the best football player in the Tampa Bay Rays Team?

The Rays are a baseball team... not a football team

Who choses what team a player goes into mlb or nfl hall of fame if said player played for more than one team?

The player gets to choose which team's hat/helmet will represent him in the Hall of Fame.

How can you put a player you created on a team in MLB 2K9?

First, after you create your player, go to "free agents" and he will be there. Click assign to team and choose the team you want him to be on. If there are already 25 players on that team, release a player from the minor leagues. Assign your created player to that team then bring him up to the majors.

What national league MLB player has played the most seasons with the same team?


What is it that Dave Winfield is the only player in history to do?

he was the only player in history to be drafted by an nfl team, nba team, and mlb team....therefore he had the oppurunity to go pro in either football, basketball, or baseball

How much does a mlb player pay for bats?

No the players don't pay for bats. The team owners do.

What are the daily responsibilities for a mlb player?

To play hard and fair and give 100% to the team and win.

Who pays the salary of an MLB player after they are traded?

That is negotiated as part of the deal. Sometimes the original team, sometimes, the second team, sometimes they split it.

What happenes when a MLB player gets seriously injured?

They go on the disabled list and maybe dropped from the team

How do you retire in mlb 2k12?

complete all milestone and hall of fame requirements. the retire option will appear in "Career Decisions"

When was ty cobb drafted?

Ty Cobb wasn't drafted. The first MLB draft was in the 1960's. Back when Cobb played the team scouted the player play ball where ever he did. Then they talked to the player, then if they agree on the deal the team makes with him the team pays the player and the player plays for that team now. So that's what happened with Cobb.

What does Major League Baseball do with old uniforms?

They put them in a box for the player, so when they retire or go to another team they still have them.

If a MLB player gets hurt and has to retire due to his injury does he still get paid whats on the remainder of the contract?

The answer is yes, unless he was injured doing something prohibited by his contract.