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There are usually provisions in a player's contract that take into account nonplay due to injury that will call for a reduced salary until the player can play again. It is up to a team and their rules to determine how a MLB contract is written. A player that retires due to injury might receive a reduced buy out amount.

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The answer is yes, unless he was injured doing something prohibited by his contract.

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Q: If a MLB player gets hurt and has to retire due to his injury does he still get paid whats on the remainder of the contract?
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If a MLB player is signed to a guaranteed contract for 5 years but decides to retire after 3 years not due to injury and he is still physically able to play is the contract still paid?

No. If a player elects to retire he is placed on the "voluntary retired list" and is due no further recompense under his contract. Should he elect to unretire his rights are still retained by the club with whom he was signed when he went onto the retired list. It is for this reason most players file for free agency when they retire.

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