What team did tony Adams play for?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Tony Adams played for Arsenal from 1980 to 2002, making a total of 504 appearances.

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Q: What team did tony Adams play for?
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For what is Tony Adams most famous?

Tony Adams was a defender for the soccer team Arsenal. Tony played with Arsenal for 22 years and is one of the only athletes in soccer to spend his whole career on one team.

Who is arsenals longest serving player?

tony Adams was arsenals longest serving player ever but in the current team its fabregas

What NHL team does Craig Adams play for?

Craig Adams plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What MLB team does Austin Adams play for?

Austin Adams plays for the Cleveland Indians.

What NFL team does Johnny Adams play for?

Johnny Adams plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

What NFL team does Jeff Adams play for?

Jeff Adams plays for the Tennessee Titans.

What NBA team does Jordan Adams play for?

Jordan Adams plays for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Who club did Tony Adams play for before joining Arsenal?

He played for arsenal only.

What team did Tony Saragossa play for?

The Baltimore Ravens

What team did Tony Romo play on?

Dallas Cowboys

What MLB team does Tony Campana play for?

Tony Campana plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What NBA team does Tony Mitchell play for?

Tony Mitchell plays for the Detroit Pistons.