What team did Tony Romo play on?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What team did Tony Romo play on?
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What football team does Tony Romo play on now?

tony room should go to the steelers

Was Tony Romo a Burlington Spider?

The Spiders did not become a youth football team until 1999, so Tony did NOT play for the Spiders.

What college did NFL player Tony Romo play for?

NFL player Tony Romo played for Eastern Illinois.

What position does Tony Romo play?


Did Tony Romo play for the Detroit Lions?


Which is better Tony Romo or Joe flacco?

Joe flacco is way better. Tony romo doesn't even know how to play

What Was Tony Romo's Favorite Team?

the Chicago blackhawks of the nhl

Who in the nfl can throw a football to the other team the most?

Tony Romo

What is Tony Romo's favorite basketball team?

San Antonio spurs

Who is the current quarterback on the dallas cowboys football team?

Tony Romo.

Tony Romo's ethnic?

Tony Romo is Hispanic.

What is Tony Romo's hobbies?

Tony Romo is christian.