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He played for arsenal only.

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Q: Who club did Tony Adams play for before joining Arsenal?
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Who was arsenal captain before tony Adams?

Patrick Viera Patrick Viera

Who was arsenal's captain before tony Adams?

Patrick Viera Patrick Viera

Who is longest served arsenal player?

I believe that was Tony Adams.

What team did tony Adams play for?

Tony Adams played for Arsenal from 1980 to 2002, making a total of 504 appearances.

For what is Tony Adams most famous?

Tony Adams was a defender for the soccer team Arsenal. Tony played with Arsenal for 22 years and is one of the only athletes in soccer to spend his whole career on one team.

Who is arsenal's longest serving player of all time?

Tony Adams 20 years

Who was last fulltime English captain of Arsenal Football Club?

Tony Adams probably.

Name 4 arsenal players that have played for England?

theo walcot tony adams martin keown david seamen

Who was the England football captain before beckham?

It was Tony Adams.

Who did Matthew Upson play for before Arsenal?

English footballer Matthew Upson signed for Arsenal from Luton Town in 1997 - though his first team opportunities were initially limited, as he played second-string to veteran defenders Tony Adams, Steve Bould, and Martin Keown.

Who are some famous Arsenal players?

Some of the most famous Arsenal players would include Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires as well as David Seaman.Someone that is looking for a full list of the top 50 Arsenal players can do so by visiting the Arsenal website.

Did tony Adams score for arsenal?

Of course! Its statue near Emirates stadium in that pose when he score against Tottenham or MU, I dont remember.

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