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The Steelers beat the Oakland Raiders on December 23, 1972 in the AFC divisional playoff game for their first postseason win.

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Q: What team did the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat for their first postseason win?
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Which teams did the Pittsburgh Steelers win and lose their first postseason games against?

The Steelers won their first postseason game against the Oakland Raiders, 13-7, on December 23, 1972. The Steelers lost their first postseason game to the Miami Dolphins, 21-17, on December 31, 1972.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat in their first Super Bowl victory?

Minnesota Vikings

Who has the most all-time wins between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Through the two teams first game in 2011, the Pittsburgh Steelers lead the Baltimore Ravens in head to head regular season meetings 18-13. The Steelers also lead 3-0 in postseason meetings.

Who was the first team to win 4 super bowls?

Pittsburgh steelers Pittsburgh steelers

What team did the Broncos defeat for their first ever playoff victory?

That was the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 24, 1977 by the score of 34-21.

How many times have the Cleveland Browns beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Through their first meeting in 2012, the Cleveland Browns have a 57-62 all-time regular season record versus the Steelers. The Browns are also 0-2 in their postseason meetings.

What was the original team name that Art Rooney gave the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steelers were first named the Pittsburgh Pirates and in 1940 they were renamed the Steelers.

When was the first Super Bowl that the Pittsburgh Steelers went to?

The 1975 Super Bowl IX was the first appearance for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers beat the Minnesota Vikings 16-6.

Where was the first game the Dallas Cowboys played the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The first Dallas Cowboys versus Pittsburgh Steelers game was played in Dallas.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers first opponent ever?

The Pittsburgh Steelers ( then named the Pittsburgh Pirates ) first game was on September 20, 1933. They lost 23 - 2 to the NY Giants.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers first quarterback in 1933?

In 1933, Tony Holm was the first quarterback for the Steelers.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers coin the phrase Steeler Nation or did Oakland have it first?