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That was the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 24, 1977 by the score of 34-21.

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Q: What team did the Broncos defeat for their first ever playoff victory?
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What was the Score of broncos first playoff game?

The Broncos first ever playoff game was December 24, 1977 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Broncos won, 34-21.

Which quarterback took the Denver Broncos to their first playoff appearance?

Craig Morton

2000 Wild Card Playoff game to seal the Saints first playoff victory?

Brian Milne

Who was the MVP of the Denver Broncos first Super Bowl victory?

Terrell Davis

When did Peyton Manning win his first playoff game?

January 4, 2004 against the Denver Broncos by the score of 41-10. It was the 4th playoff game in his career.

What Super Bowl was the Denver Broncos first victory?

Super Bowl XXXII in January 1998.

Who did UF defeat to capture their first Orange Bowl victory?


Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers win their first playoff game against?

The Steelers defeated the Oakland Raiders for their first playoff victory. The game was played on December 23, 1972 and the final score was 13-7.

Who did the Broncos defeat for their first ever American league football game?

Boston Patriots 13-10.

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Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat in their first Super Bowl victory?

Minnesota Vikings

Who did the broncos defeat for their first American league football game?

The Broncos first ever American Football League win was on September 9, 1960 against the Boston Patriots by the score of 13-10.

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