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Q: What team did the Broncos lose to in their first Super Bowl appearance?
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Who was the starting quarterback in broncos first Super Bowl appearance?

Craig Morton was the starting QB for the Broncos in their first Super Bowl appearance, Super Bowl XII played January 15, 1978.

First Denver Broncos Super Bowl appearance?

Super Bowl XII, 1977 Season, played on January 15, 1978 Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10

When was the last time the Seattle Seahawks won a Super Bowl?

The Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl in February of 2014. They defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8. This was their second Super Bowl appearance.

What Super Bowl did the Atlanta Falcons enter?

The Falcons only Super Bowl appearance was Super Bowl XXXIII against the Denver Broncos played January 31, 1999. The Falcons lost to the Broncos 34-19.

Which quarterback Super Bowl appearance with more than one team?

Craig Morton: Super Bowl V, Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XII, Denver Broncos

What Super Bowl was the Denver Broncos first victory?

Super Bowl XXXII in January 1998.

Who did the giants play in their first Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos.

Where did the Denver Broncos win their first Super Bowl?

The Broncos won their first Super Bowl in 1998 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego against the Packers (31-24).

Did the Atlanta falcons ever won a super bowl?

No, the Atlanta Falcons have only made 1 Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl 33 in which they lost to the Denver Broncos 34-19.

What was the last Super Bowl that the Denver Broncos won?

Super Bowl XXXIII (33) was the last Super bowl the Denver Broncos won. That Super Bowl occured in 1999.

When is last time Atlanta Falcons win the super bowl?

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl. In their only Super Bowl appearance in 1999, they lost to the Denver Broncos, 34-19.

Who did the Denver Broncos beat to win the 1985 Super Bowl?

The Broncos did not play in the 1985 Super Bowl.

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