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Ricky Williams played for the CFL Toronto Argonauts.

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Q: What team did Ricky Williams play for in the CFL?
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In 1983 which CFL team did Richard Ouellette play for?

calgary stampede

Which CFL team did back-up running back Kenton Keith play for?

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Who do the emonton eskimos play for?

the Edmonton Eskimos are a CFL (Canadian Football League) team who play for the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What is the salary of a CFL punter?

The average salary of a CFL kicker is $80,000 per year. This salary increases or decreases based on skill level and the team they play on.

Are the Riders NFL or CFL?

CFL. It must be short for RoughRiders. There is no team called the "Riders" in the NFL. However, there is a team called the Raiders.

What is the strongest team in CFL?

Montreal Alouettes

Can a CFL player on the practice squad go to the NFL in the same season?

Generally, yes. However, there are rules regarding players being under contract to only one team. If a CFL player has an opportunity to play in the NFL, he first gets released from his CFL duties. Then, he signs an NFL contract. Dominique Dorsey recently missed the first half of the 2009 CFL season while he was signed with the Washington Redskins. They released him just before the season opener and he returned to his CFL team, the Toronto Argonauts.

Where are they at with regard to expansion to Ottawa in the CFL?

It has been announced that in 2014 the Ottawa Redblacks will become the ninth team in the CFL.

What is the team name shared between the nfl and the CFL?

The teams that share a name between the NFL and CFL are the Detroit Lions of the NFL and the British Columbian Lions of the CFL.

What nfl and CFL team has the same mascot?


Which CFL team had the most wins this season?

Montreal, 15

Can CFL players play in NFL postseason?

They can if the get drafted.