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The Atlanta Falcons lost to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII. The final score was 34-19.

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Q: What team did Atlanta lose by in the Super Bowl?
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Who was home team for super bowl 51?

The Atlanta Falcons were the home team for Super Bowl XLI.

What does a team win when they win the super bowl?

Atlanta Falcons

What is the name for the phobia of having your team lose the Super Bowl?

There are many different types of phobias. However, there is not a known phobia for having your team lose the Super Bowl.

What football team lost the Super Bowl in 1999?

The Atlanta Falcons

What team did Atlanta Falcons play in the Super Bowl?

The Denver Broncos.

What NFL team lost the first ever Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs were the fist team to lose a Super Bowl.

What team did the Cowboys lose to twice in the Super Bowl?

the Pittsburg steelers

Has an interim coach ever won the super bowl?

No, an interim HC has never coached a Super Bowl team ... win or lose.

Win or lose the team with the most appearances in the Super Bowl was who?

The Dallas Cowboys went to the Super Bowl 8 times. The most in Super Bowl history. They are 5-3.

What team did Dallas lose to in two Super Bowl matchups?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What team did the Dallas Cowboys lose twice to in Super Bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What team did the Broncos lose to in their first Super Bowl appearance?

The Dallas Cowboys.