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tactics for football

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Q: What tactics can you use in football?
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What are Tactics and strategy?

tactics are a use of good skills that you use in any type of sport to be able to win something e.g. a football match people use tactics to get past there oponents

Why do football teeams use tactics?

Because if they didn't they wouldn't have any idea what there doing.

What are 5 tactics use in American football gridiron?

Work,lift,study ,and have fun

What are formation plates?

Plates that football/soccer managers/coaches use to help explain tactics to the players.

What is sport more tougher wrestling or football?

well in wrestling you have to fight get hurt but you never know what the other person is going to do and you would barely have any tactics for it wheras in football you would have tactics to use so in my opinion wrestling is tougher

Why do you use tactics?

Why do I use tactics? Well, because tactics are better than brute force.

What are the tactics used in football?

raping the defender

What is offensive and defensive tactics?

Offensive and defensive tactics will depend upon what a person is trying to do. For example, in football defensive tactics will defend themselves and offensive tactics will be trying to make a goal.

What tactics did the vietcong use in the vietnam war?

Guerilla Tactics

What kind of war tactics did he use?

What kind of war tactics did who use?

What is tactics?

tactics is when you think about a plan to do something like in football or war. war tactics are about how many men will fight or how many tanks should roll up the beach of Normandy.

What military tactics did Germany use?

Mainly Blitzkreig tactics

What are the best tactics for Football manager 2009?

put everyone upfront

What battle tactics did the swamp fox use?

guerrilla warfare tactics

What are three tactics advertisers use to promote a drug such as liquor?

what are three tactics advertisers use to promote a drug such as liquor

What tactics where used on Philippines in war 2?

That was Japanese occupied territory, therefore they had use what all occupied countries had to use, guerrilla tactics. When you don't have an army to fight with, you use guerrilla tactics.

What tactics do the janjaweed use?

They use ponies

How do you use the word tactics in a sentence?

Tactics means to have a plan to attack. Example: Our team has the tactics to win this game.

What war tactics did North Korea use in the Korean War?

Actually, the North Koreans fought mostly a standard "conventional" war, though they did use infiltration tactics (NOT guerrilla tactics).

What were Haralds army tactics at the Battle of Hastings?

Harold did not have many tactics but one he did use was to get straight into the fighting so that they could surprise the french. This gave the normans a chance to use their tactics

What tactics did Roundheads use in the Civil War?

the roundheads didnt have any tactics at alll

How did the use of nontraditional military tactics help the patriots defeat the british?

The use of nontraditional military tactics helped the patriots defeat the British. The British were not accustomed to the guerrilla tactics and were taken by surprise.

Why is it good to have intelligence in football?

So you can read the game and have good tactics. to win the game

What is the most tactical sport?

Football is a world wide sport. The sport requires physical and mental fitness. Tactics are everywhere in every position in football, including the goalkeeper. Full backs require the most of the tactics as they play the most defensive and offensive!

What military tactics did the soviet union use during world war 2?

They used tactics?