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You win in football by scoring more points then the other team.

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Q: How do you win in football?
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Who would win in a football match Joe or Kayla?

Joe would win in a football match

All FIFA rules in football?

play football win

Who did win in the football tournament?


What is the object of football?

to see who can win

What years did usc win the narional football championsip?

The years that the USC did win the National Football Championship was in 2012 and 2010.

How many Football matches did the French win?

In 2010 they did not win any.

Who would win in a football game football players or gymnastic people?

football players da

What football club was the first to win the league at anfield?

The first club to win the league at Anfield is obvious... It was Everton Football Club.

How many Englishman have win the English football division 1?

How Many Englishmen have win the old English football divsion 1

Will Alabama football win this Saturday?


In the football how many points for a win?


What do you win in football?

Some trophies and medals

When did Portugal win the world cup in football?


What is a football teams objective to do in a game?


Who was the last team to win the old football first division?

Leeds United was the last team to win the old football first division.

What does Ohio state's football players do?

Play football and win championships like a boss

What do the New Zealand All Whites have to do to qualify for the 2010 Football World Cup?

All they have to do is WIN win win win win and no doubt they'll get there ;-)

Who is the only sports person to win both the arjuna and the dronacharya awards for football?

Sports person to win both the Arjuna and the Dhronacharya awards for football?

What was the largest football win?

the largest win in football,in international and club, would be AS adema 149-0 SO`emyrne in the Madagascar champions league

How many gold did India win in football?


Where did Germany win the world cup?

on the football pitch

How do you cheat on bebo football league?

win games

Did Stanford win a national title in football?


In football who win Chelsea or everton?

Defintly Chelsea

Who will win in football?

whoever scores more points