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What a wonderful question! This is a very simple process. However, it is also one that terrorizes the thoughts of all tennis players while practicing or during a competition. I hope this has never happened to you! My experience with this was atrocious, I do not even want to talk about it.

1) If this occurs while during practice, simply replace the torn string with a new one. All you have to do is restring through the racket.

2) If this occurs during a game, scream "oh sh*t!" and forfeit.

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natural gut is the easyest to brake.

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Q: What strings are easy to break in tennis?
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What is a tennis racket string called?

the strings in a tennis racquet are simply called "strings".

Do nylon strings on a guitar easy to break?

They do not break. They are the same strength as normal strings. They just don't sound as great as metal strings. They are easier to strum. I would recomend getting metal strings, they will sound better and the calluses that you will get on your hands will make it easier to play.

Which way are tennis strings generally supposed to break vertical or horizontal?

Strings aren't "supposed" to break. They break due to friction caused by repeated rubbing back and forth across each other. When impacted with the ball, the path of the swing causes the mains (verical strings) to shift their position on the crosses (horizontal strings). This "sawing" motion generally results in breaking the mains before the crosses.

What are tennis reels used for?


Can heat hurt tennis strings?

Yes! Natural gut will pop fast. Synthetic gut will loose tension and then break. Polyester will loosen and then pop. And also it can hurt your frame. -tennis player

What is the best tennis strings on the market 2012?

Babolar revenge polyester strings.

What is the fewest number of strings needed to string a tennis racket?

Two strings are needed to string a tennis racket. The length of the string is to be about 11 to 12 meters.

Does nylon strings on a guitar easy to break?

Well I mean, Not the thick ones... Of course it really does depend on your strength and the brand

Tennis Strings?

It is used to make racket plat

What is the head of the racket?

The head of a tennis racket is the entire section of the strings, and the part of the frame that surrounds the strings.

Can hitting with flat balls hurt your tennis strings?

Hitting with flat tennis balls doesn't necessarily hurt your strings all that much, but it definitely hurts your game. They can hurt your strings a little if you are using all of your might to swing into the tennis ball, and because it is flat the ball will flatten out over the strings and cause more areas of the string to become weaker.

What part of the tennis racquet makes contact WITH the tennis ball?

When you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, you want the ball to contact the sweet spot of strings.