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Yes! Natural gut will pop fast.

Synthetic gut will loose tension and then break.

Polyester will loosen and then pop.

And also it can hurt your frame.

-tennis player

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โˆ™ 2012-05-03 20:36:18
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Q: Can heat hurt tennis strings
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Can hitting with flat balls hurt your tennis strings?

Hitting with flat tennis balls doesn't necessarily hurt your strings all that much, but it definitely hurts your game. They can hurt your strings a little if you are using all of your might to swing into the tennis ball, and because it is flat the ball will flatten out over the strings and cause more areas of the string to become weaker.

What is a tennis racket string called?

the strings in a tennis racquet are simply called "strings".

What are tennis reels used for?


What kind of racket strings would be best for tennis?

Catgut strings

What is the best tennis strings on the market 2012?

Babolar revenge polyester strings.

What are tennis racquet strings made of?

plastic wire:)

Does rain wreck a tennis racquet?

not the racquet but the strings

What is the fewest number of strings needed to string a tennis racket?

Two strings are needed to string a tennis racket. The length of the string is to be about 11 to 12 meters.

What is the head of the racket?

The head of a tennis racket is the entire section of the strings, and the part of the frame that surrounds the strings.

Does change in temperature effect the durability of tennis strings?

yes it does

Why are nylon used for tennis racket strings?

for spin on the ball

What is the disk on tennis racket strings?

It's a shock absorber.

What part of the tennis racquet makes contact WITH the tennis ball?

When you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, you want the ball to contact the sweet spot of strings.

What is the properties of tennis strings?

there is a link. it tells u all the different strings. it also explains the string tension

Does it hurt a dog to go into heat?

No it does not hurt when they are in heat.

What is a prestrung tennis racket?

a prestrung racket is basically a tennis racket without the strings.

What element is in a tennis racket string?

Tennis racket strings today are made out of synthetic materials, such as:NylonPolyesterKelvarVectranZyexPolyolefinMetal Wire

What strings are easy to break in tennis?

natural gut is the easyest to brake.

Can tennis rackets have steel strings?

no not that I am aware of but there are gold plated rackets

What types of friction influence tennis?

There are several types of friction that influence spin of the ball in tennis. The sliding friction between the ball and the strings, the static friction between the ball and the strings at the grip phase, the static friction between the main and the cross strings, and the sliding friction between the strings.

Which tennis rackets have middle strings made out of coal?

From what I've there no such thing as tennis rackets with middle strings made out of coal! I just think people are saying that because they've heard from someone!

What are the best red tennis strings?

It depends what you like in a tennis string but I personally like babolat revenge polyester string.

The thing that you put on the strings of a tennis racketto stop vibration?

Vibration dampners?

How many Strings on a tennis racquet?

One. Goes all the way through.

Why is a tennis racket made with a metal frame and nylon strings?

because they need to have a high tensile strength (the maximum stress an object can handle) so the tennis ball is able to bounce of the nylon strings and so the metal frame can stand the tennis balls energy.