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Q: What are tennis reels used for?
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What simple machine is used when a fisherman reels in a fish?

as it reels

Where can one find the best Abu Garcia reels?

Abu Garcia offers baitcast reels, spinning reels, spincast reels, and round reels. The best ones can be found at exclusive retailers such as Dicks and Gander Mountain.

When was Penn Reels created?

Penn Reels was created in 1932.

When was The Reels - album - created?

The Reels - album - was created in 1979.

Cable reels are normally made from what metal?

Cable reels are normally made from steel but can also be made from wood, plywood or plastic. Cable reels are round, drum-shaped objects that are used to carry various types of electrical wires.

What is used to play tennis?

tennis racket and tennis ball

What are film cannisters?

Film canisters are metal containers shaped like film reels with a bottom and a snug-fitting top. They are used to store and ship reels of film.

Where can you sell movie reels?

Where can u sell old movie reels

How do you use reels in a sentence?

There should be three reels of film on the shelf.

What can a tennis ball be used for?

to play tennis

What is the name of a bat used in tennis?

tennis racquet

What are the benefits of using bait casting reels over spinning reels?

The benefits of using bait casting reels over spinning reels vary. Many bait casting reels contain anti-backlashing devices that include magnets, making for an easier experience.

Where can one find vintage fishing reels for sale?

One can purchase a range of vintage fishing reels from 'Antique and Classic Fishing Reels' website. They can also be found for sale on 'eBay' and 'Old Reels'.

How are fishing reels made?

Most reels are made my machines with stamping tools.

What are most carp reels used for?

Most carp reels are used more for runs rather than bites. With improved technology in manufacturing, the lines today are of a much higher quality which reduce the chances of having a breakage.

What are Lobster tennis ball machines used for?

The Lobster tennis ball machines are used by professional tennis players for practising their tennis skills. These machines sweep the tennis balls to the left or right and are used during physical workouts by the tennis players.

What types of cable reels are there?

There are four types of cable reels which one can choose from. There are wooden spools, plywood, plastic or steel drums. They are used to coil various cable and electrical wires.

Tennis balls used at Wimbledon?

Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon.

What is a tennis racquet?

A racquet used to play tennis.

What is the purpose of a tennis ball?

It is used to play Tennis.

When was graphite first used in tennis rackets?

in 1980 the graphite used in tennis racquets.

Where can one find information about Abu reels?

Abu reels are great fishing reels, a good local fishing equipment shop would be the best place to discover more information about Abu reels. Ask the experts by visiting them in their shop.

What is a grinder reel?

I think you mean a "reel grinder". It is a machine used to sharpen the reels of a mower

What equiment is used in tennis?

just a racket and a tennis ball.

What actors and actresses appeared in Reels Within Reels - 1964?

The cast of Reels Within Reels - 1964 includes: Van Doren and the Flying Dutchmen as Themselves Trisha Noble as herself Ray Orchard as Himself - Presenter The Skin Beats as Themselves