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Q: What state does the football team Washington Redskins come from?
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What hotel do visiting NFL teams stay in when playing Washington Redskins?

were will dallas cowboys be staying when they come to washington redskins

Where did the term redskins come from?

redskins is a name for native Americans. Native Americans highly dissaprove of Indian mascots and once sued the Washington redskins.

Where is former football coach Rusty Tillman?

He lives in Washington State. He is currently working at Ford of Kirkland. Come see for yourself!

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How come Washington DC is not in a state?

It is not in a state because it is America's capital

What do you call a person from Washington state?

People who come from Washington are called Washingtonians.

When did the redskins come to the nfl?


What state do most pro football players come from?


What Indian tribes live in Washington State.?

There, actually, are a lot. People come in and out of Washington State, so it really depends...

How come Washington DC is in Virgina?

Washington DC is not in Virginia, it is not in any state. Washington DC is a district of its own.

What state do the Seattle Seahawks come from?

The Seattle Seahawks are from Seattle, Washington.

What state did the marble that covers the walls of the Washington Monument come?


Why did early settlers come to Washington State?

Beacause they felt like it.

What state does Starbucks come from?

Starbucks started in, and is still HQ'd in Seattle, Washington.

When did football first come out?

when did the first football come out

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Pennsylvania to New Jersey

What is cool about Washington?

mountains, trees, green, rain, hills, forest, farms, history. Washington state is better than California please come come to Washington look how beautiful it is thank you very much for reading it

How come Washington DC is not a state?

Washington DC stands for district of Columbia.

When did the wave of immigrants from cambodia and Vietnam come to washinghtion?

Washington DC or Washington State? Either way, immigrants from SEA commenced about 1975.

How many state dinners do presidents have?

The number varies from year to year. Visiting heads of state are usually given a formal state dinner when they come to Washington.

Where does the word redskins come from?

It refers to the color of the native American Indians skin.

What mining products come from Washington state?

gold diamond silver talc gypsum coal cement

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Yes. he cannot break & enter though.

What is the penalty for second attempted murder in the state of Washington?

Hung by your balls until the cows come home.

How many US Senators come from Maryland Texas and Washington D.C.?

Each State has two US Senators and Washington DC being a Federal City is not a State and and is granted no representation in the US Senate.