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Q: What state do most pro football players come from?
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What state has the most NFL players?

Texas is the State that has sent the most players to the NFL. 2,198 football players have come from the Lone Star State (Thru the 2013 season). Currently California is the State with the highest number of active players, with 239 Californians currently playing in the NFL.

Do most good football players come from Texas?


What state are most college football players from?

California or Florida

What is the average education level of American football players?

I have to assume that you are talking about NFL professional players. Since most of them come from college football teams, most have a college education.

What state has produced the most NFL football players ever?


What state has the most college football players drafted into the nfl?


Who Get Paid More Basketball Players or Football Players?

Football get paid the most.

What single college football game had the most future NFL players?

the 1993 Florida State v. Miami game

Do most football players have familes?

Yes, most football players do have families, parents, brothers, sisters, other blood relatives, wives, sons, daughters. Since most football players are men, almost none are women who have a husband.

What university has the most football players in the nfl?

Currently, the University of Southern California (commonly known as USC) has the most football players currently in the NFL, with 38 total players in the game.

What is the percentage of black college football players in 2010?

Quarterbacks, Punters and a few lineman. Most college football players are black. Most of the white players are too buzy getting an education.

What college football program has had the most football players arrested?


How many Ohio state football players have been drafted in the first round of the nfl draft?

Seventy. This is the second most, USC with the most with seventy two.

What did the players wear when football first started?

most football players wore what they do now, but they used to wear leather helmets

Where do most soccer players come from?

most soccer players come from Germany and England and Brazil

What sport has the most players?

Most likely football,rugby

How old are most pro football players when they start to play football?

They are most likely to be 21-24

Which county do most spanish speaking athletes who play soccer come from?

Most of the Spanish-speaking soccer (football) players in the European league are from Spain. Although there are also many players from Brazil, the native language of that country is Portuguese.

Which sport do players make the most money?

football probably

What sport has the most banned players?


Why are foreign players better than English players?

Because most foreign players have ave much more of a hunger to succeed in football ,one reason could be that they come from poor family backgrounds (eg. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi) ,so they need football in order to lead a better a life.

How many Ohio state buckeyes in the NFL?

There are 43 former Ohio State football players on active rosters in the NFL. The third most by any team in the NCAA.

What are some of the most famous football players in history?

Some of the most famous football players in history include Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Walter Payton. Another very famous football player was OJ Simpson.

What sport has the most number of players?

American Football

Most expenisve football players?

C Ronaldo