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Basketball was invented in Massachussetts.

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Q: What state did basketball start?
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What is the state of basketball?

basketball isn't a state its a sport

When did professional basketball teams start organizing?

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Why Did The NCAA start Basketball?

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Why did basketball start in the olympcis?

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When does basketball player start lifting?

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When was Israeli Basketball State Cup created?

Israeli Basketball State Cup was created in 1955.

What state of matter is a basketball?

The basketball itself is in a solid state of matter and the air inside of it is in a gaseous state of matter.

Why did Kevin Garnett start playing basketball?

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How was basketball start?

they had a ball and then shot the ball in the basket and they called it basketball

Is 8th grade to old to start playing basketball?

No- you can start basketball at any age form 4 and up

When does the NBA basketball season start 2014?

The NBA basketball season will start October 28th,2014. This is in the fall.

How and when did the points in basketball start?


Why did basketball start?

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How do you start Basketball game?

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When was Cleveland State Vikings men's basketball created?

Cleveland State Vikings men's basketball was created in 1929.

When was State Basketball League - Western Australia - created?

State Basketball League - Western Australia - was created in 1989.

When was Appalachian State Mountaineers men's basketball created?

Appalachian State Mountaineers men's basketball was created in 1919.

What are the basketball records for the University of Arizona and Arizona State University?

The University of Arizona has 138 basketball victories, and Arizona State University has 78 basketball victories.