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Q: What state are the Lions the pro football team in?
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What pro football team has the nickname king of beasts?

Detroit Lions

Are the Detroit Lions in the National or American league?

The Detroit Lions are a pro football team, and thus in neither of these baseball leagues. The Lions are in the National Football Conference of the NFL.

What state is the Baltimore Ravens?

The pro football team is based in Maryland of the USA.

Does Iowa have a pro football team?

no, the closest thing that they have to a pro football team is the Iowa barnstormers which is in the afl

How pro is the Spain football team?

Very pro

Does Arkansas have a pro football team?


Does Oklahoma have a pro-football team?

No, Oklahoma does not have a pro football team. They do have a semi-pro team called the Yard Dogs. Oklahoma has a new pro basketball team called the Thunder. Also, the Oklahoma City Redhawks is the semi-pro baseball team.

Which NFL team was not in this years pro bowl?

Detroit Lions

Who is the last college football team to beat a pro football team?

North Texas!

Which 2 Pro Football teams played in the first Pro Thanksgiving Day game?

Lions, cowboys

Winningest pro football team?


What is Louisiana's pro football team?

The Saints

Does las Vegas have a pro football team?


What is the number of people on a pro football team?

11 pro players

What are some of Minnesota's state things?

State capitol- St. Paul. State bird- Common Loon. State flower- Lady Slipper. State tree- Red pine. State fish- Walleye. State drink- Milk. State grain- Wild rice. State pro football team- Minnesota Vikings. State pro baseball team- Minnesota Twins. State pro hockey team- Minnesota Wild. State pro basketball team- Minnesota Timberwolves. State song- "Hail Minnesota". State population- 5,266,214 (as of July 2009).

What is a pro sports team that starts with an i?

Indianapolis colts (Football team)

Do you have to go to college to be a pro football player?

no you can try out for a pro team after college.

How many strings are on a pro football team?


How many coaches on a pro football team?


What is the nickname of Cleveland's pro football team?

The Browns.

What is the pro football team in Pittsburgh called?

The Steelers.

How many pro football team in US?


What pro football team is in Ohio?

clevend browns

What pro football team is seven squared?

The FortyNiners.

What pro football team is marine mammals?