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Q: How many pro football team in US?
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How many players in the US football team?


Why does the army have a football team?

The Army doesn't have a football team. The team referred to as "Army" is the team from The US Military Academy (Westpoint).

Who is the captain of the US football team?

Landon Donoven is the team captain of US

How many US football players is there?

there's 53 on a team 32 teams you do the math ...

Three interesting fact about us football team?

Alex McCormack is the leader of the world and us football and England lost to them and they taught us how to play football

Does the marine corp have a NCAA football team?

No they do not have an NCAA football team. However, the US Naval Academy does have an NCAA football team. And the academy graduates both Navy and Marine officers.

Are there any players in both the Canadian pro football hall of fame and US pro football hall of fame?

One player - Warren Moon, and one coach - Bud Grant.

Are there any gay pro football players?

Yes, certainly, but none of them have come out and told us.

What is the most liked football team in the us?

vikings is the most liked team

What is the best football team ever in the US?


Who is in charge of the US football team?

It' the Head Coach.

What percentage of division 1 collegiate football players go pro?

Less than 2 percent of Division 1 college football players go pro. There are about 118 Division 1-A schools in the US.

Which is the most prestigious Football team from Nantes?

The most prestigious football team from Nantes is called FC, or Football Club. And is known as both a football and soccer club because of the difference is words both in the US and UK.

Who is the manager of the US football team?

if you mean soccer team the head coach is bob bradley

Who is the best football team in the US?

the New Orleans Saints

Who is the current manager of US football team?

Bob Bradley

Who is the star play of the us football team?

Landon Donovan

Who are the best players at the US football team?

Landon Donovan

Who is Top grossing pro sport team in US?

New York Yankees

In what state do the SFA football team play?

The SFA football team plays in the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland. The St. Francis Academy team is called the Panthers. There are also other SFA football teams in other US states.

Where can you get the madgear pro team edition?

you can get the mad gear team edition at kmart big w and toys r us

Who was the coach of the US 2010 world cup team?

The coach of the Football team of U.s.A was Bob Bradley.

All football fans click discuss on this question to decide what is the best football team in the US?

the PITTSBURGH STEELERS, the winningest team in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 i tell you 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the oldest American football team in the US?

No, they are not. But they are the oldest franchise in the NFL's American Football Conference.

What us state is the football team the New England Patriots from?