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Q: What sports use rackets other than badminton?
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What are other uses for tennis rackets other than tennis?

A racket is a sports implement consisting of a handled frame with an open hoop across which a network of cord is stretched tightly. It is used for striking a ball in such games as squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton

Why is the badminton racket is higher than other racket sports?

do you know yourself?,

Why is the badminton racket is very much higher than other racket sports?

Badminton is a very fast sport, and as such the rackets used are a lot lighter than in other sports such as tennis and squash.They generally consist of a handle, a shaft and a head. The whole length of the racket can be no greater than 68cm, and the width no greater than 23cm.The head of the racket is made up of a frame and the strings, which are usually made from nylon (though can actually be made from sheep or cow gut).

How is badminton diffents than other racquet sports?

In badminton the players hit a shuttlecock (cone shaped object with rubber nose and feather flights) whereas in other raquet sports they hit a ball

why is badminton considered as a fun game as well as a highly competitive sports?

Because it is safe sports than other games

Why is badminton considered as fun game as well as a highly competitive sport?

Because it is safe sports than other games

What can you say about badminton?

Badminton is a very fun game, and can be played by people at all levels and ages. The rackets have longer handles and smaller heads in comparison to tennis rackets, but this means it is much easier to hit the shuttlecock. The net is generally higher than a tennis net. There are many competitive levels and it is also a good sport to play in pairs, or in a doubles tournament.

Which is most popular football netball golf swimming tennis badminton?

Football is probably more popular as a spectator sport than any of the other sports listed. It seems likely that golf is more popular as a participant sport than any of the other sports listed.

What sports are played in Yukon?

Well, Badminton is one. Other than that, I'm sure they play... things like skiing or ice-skating or hockey. Probably hockey.

What are the facilities and equipments of badminton?

RacketThe badminton racket is one of the most important tools a player has in the game. Badminton rackets are much lighter than most other sports rackets because they are made from materials such as carbon fiber or lighter metals such as aluminum. Strings that are stretched across the opening of the racket in a checkerboard pattern, which acts as the hitting surface. Badminton rackets can vary widely in cost depending on whether they are purchased as part of a basic backyard set or as more expensive professional models. ShuttlecockThe badminton shuttlecock, also referred to as a birdie, acts similarly to a ball in other racket sports. However, the design of the birdie creates more drag as it is propelled through the air due to its feathered shape. The shuttlecock is made up of a cone shape with a hard cork at its tip. Shuttlecocks can be made from a variety of materials -- more expensive models are actually made from feathers, and less expensive models are made from plastic. NetThe net divides the badminton court into two sides. A badminton net is placed lower than a volleyball net at five feet and one inches high on the sides and five feet high in the center. The net length may vary depending on whether doubles or singles are playing, with singles reaching 17 feet and doubles reaching 22 feet. FacilitiesThe badminton court should be 44 feet long by 22 feet wide if playing doubles, and 44 feet long by 17 feet wide for singles. If the facility is indoors, there needs to be enough height for the shuttlecock to be able to float across the net without hitting the ceiling. This height will vary depending on the strength of the players.

What badminton racket should you get?

Things to look out for in badminton rackets are the material from which it is made. Some rackets are 'stiffer' than others, and some are more flexible. The weight is also particularly important. Some players will prefer a heavier racket. Some players will prefer a heavier racket, helping power shots, and others will prefer a lighter more manouverable racket making fast short movements much easier.

Why do some sports receive more media coverage than others?

Because some sports are more exiting and interesting than others and some sports like basketball and football have amazing athletes that can do things that almost no athletes in any other sports can do so people want to see that and the media wants viewers and they're not going to get viewers if they're always covering the WNBA and badminton.

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