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A lot of them do

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Q: How many sports players choose a career other than sports?
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What does sports teach players?

It teaches players sportsmanshipresponsiblityintelligenceand other things

Who has played at the Yankee stadium?

Many, many baseball players, football players, soccer players and various other sports.

Who is an interesting person to do a biography on?

Sports players like Sidney Crosby, Joe Namath, Brett Favre, and all the other sports players you can think of?

Can you play the Kinect sports online against other players?

You bet!

Is sports a game or a business?

Sports is actually both because some people play it for fun and other people play it for money like NBA players or NFL players.

What skills sports leaders have?

Nothing different than other sports players. they are just better or more experienced at that sport

Is cricket killing other sports in India?

yes, cricket is killing other sports because the BCCI is giving more money to the cricket players than any other Sport.

Can you transfer players from other school to your school on ncaa basketball?

They have to choose to transfer in NCAAB.

Can you choose entirely what other players show up on your user in Spore?

Yes you can add them by the internet.

Why is football players treated better than other hader working players in other sports?

America loves football more than any other sport, besides they don't get paid as much.

What did Wayne Gretzky do for right to play?

He brought the players payday in line with what the other major sports were receiving.

Should you be thinking more about sports career or real career?

First of all, sports is a real career albeit not a very secure one should you become injured and unable to perform. I think you mean that having a normal everyday person career versus a sports career. In that case then you should pursue both. How? You simply pursue sports up through college and get a good education should your sports career fail for whatever reason then you have something to fall back on. Many, many, many people have pursued sports careers and have failed for whatever reason and have gone on to be quite successful in other careers. Sports careers are risky so don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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