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They all do. In fact, a person can't move without neuromuscular coordination.

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Q: What sports require neuromuscular coordination?
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What are the sports that uses coordination?

They all do. In fact, a person can't move without neuromuscular coordination.

Neuromuscular coordination in a human body?

it is the coordination between the nerves and the muscles. whenever we do anything like eating or breathing even there is a strong coordination between the muscles and the nerves.

What sport uses co-ordination?

All team sports require coordination within the team. And all sports require the athletes to be able to coordinate their body movements.

Why coordination is good for boxing?

Coordination is needed in MOST sports!

What sports require co ordination?

Nearly all sports require some form of co-ordination. Co-ordination means being able to use you hands or any other part of your body in conjunction with something else. For example in tennis, you require hand-eye coordination, to time when the ball is coming and when to hit it. In soccer you require foot-eye coordination, to time when and where to kick the ball. There are no sports that I can think of that do not require some form of co-ordination. Even chess needs basic hand-eye. Hope that helped

What does coordination mean in sport?

Coordination means that you have control over the movements of your body. All sports require some coordinated movement, whether it involves moving a ball or moving your body.

What sports need no coordination?


What is Motor Coordination?

Neuromuscular Coordination, according to my PE teacher, is the harmonius functioning of muscles or groups of muscles in the execution of movement. In other words making actions look easy and smooth, like if you are doing push ups and the first two are easy and you can make it look easy, but the next 10 or 220 your arms start shaking, that means that your Neuromuscular Coordination is becoming weak. I have to do a project on this topic it is really hard to do and I have to come up with a test to test someones neuromuscular coordination, if you have any ideas on how to help please let me know! Have someone do improvisation with an instrument over 12 bar blues. Theres no better example of neuromuscular coordination than what comes out of playing music. Its perfect smooth rhythmic sound organization.

What do sports teach you?

Hand-Eye Coordination.

How is coordination used in rugby?

There is coordination in many ways. It is a team sport with very structured ways of playing. They require coordination. Players require coordination to control the ball in various ways. That can be passing it, catching it, kicking it, keeping control of it in set plays and other situations.

What is eye hand coordination important for?

Eye-hand coordination is important for sports or when you have a really angry spouse and they throw things at you cause if you have eye-hand coordination than you can catch watever they are throwing.^_^

Who accomplishes interagency coordination when combatant commanders require it?

Joint Staff