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More people play real sports for sure !

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Q: Do more people play FIFA 11 Wii and Kinect sports than the real sports?
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Do more people play wii fifa 11 and Kinect sports than real sports?

More people play real sports for sure !

What games work with xbox Kinect?

Will Disney land adventures and Disney universe and sports season2 are my favorites =) and there is sports season1 motion sports flits and a lot more go to google and wright (xbox kinect games pictures) and it will work

Why does a Kinect cost so much?

The reason the Xbox 360's Kinect costs so much is because its a relatively new add on for the xbox. The Kinect lets you put the controller away and play standing up. The Kinect has popular games like Dance Central, (you dance), Kinect Adventures, where you go on all kinds of adventures making you feel like your really there; and another popular game, Kinect Sports, where you can bowl, play soccer, and so much more. (Kinect sports is really an updated Wii sports that doesn't require any hands) hopes this helps!

What pro sports team would cost you more?

Mlb: Yankees, nfl: colts, fifa: Mexico

How much will the new Kinect for Xbox 360 cost?

Xbox Kinect costs $150. For $250 you can get Kinect with three games. The games that come with Kinect depend which bundle you buy. You can get Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, MotionSports, and Kinect OR Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joy Ride, Kinect Sports and Kinect OR Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joy Ride, and Kinect Dance Central. All of those Bundles are $250 each and will probably not be around for ever. If you don't have a Xbox 360 console, you can buy the Kinect with the console for $299.

Why was the Kinect invented?

To get people more active. But also for ease of access (like voice and gesture control).

Is the xbox 360 kinect camera motion sensor bar what you need to play kinect games on your xbox 360 arcade?

Well, yes. There are two kinect systems, one is a Kinect PC and the other is a Kinect 360. If you want to use your kinect with your xbox get the 360 one. If you have games and mods on your pc you can get the kinect pc but it is considerably more than the kinect 360.

Which game system gives your a way more workout is it the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox Kinect?

It's the Kinect for the Xbox 360. Remember for the Kinect your the controller of the games.

What is popular game the Kinect or PS3?

The PS3 is more popular than the Kinect because popular is based on number of players. There are more PS3s than Kinect sold and in use. The question is unfair to the Kinect because at least it could ask if the PS3 move was more popular than the Kinect. Both still are not games but are optional controllers for game consoles and the PS3 Move does have more Move compatible games than there are Kinect games The Kinect because you don't need to use any controler and that's great and the ps3 well you can have a drink than you put it in the ground and the ps3 controler in the ground than someone spills it and the controler is wet and damage and the kinect is not. So for me I gather let you get a kinect.

What is more better xbox Kinect or ps3 move?

PS3 move is WAY better than Xbox kinect

Is FIFA 12 similar to FIFA 13?

FIFA 13 is much more realistic with first touch control and more complex free kick and complete dribbling, other than that, it is rather similar. FIFA 13 will also have new unlcokables you get by earning points in EA sports Football club and many new additions to head to head seasons and a much better Ultimate Team.

Should you get the xbox 360 with Kinect or the call of duty xbox 360 bundle?

Ask the question to yourself. What would you play more, the kinect or call of duty? The kinect will be more fitness and family play. The call of duty will be more single player and multiplayer gaming.