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Q: What sports have 5 or less people?
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How many people don't like sports?

Many people dont like sports. For instince my mom hates them. Me i love them. Less than half of the people across the world dont like sports. That is the scienctiffical answer

What does it mean when for children's sports to be less?

less childrens sports like less teams and stuff

How many people play high school sports?

less than half

Are sports getting more competitive?

yes are people suppose to get less competitive!

How have sports that attract less media coverage been affected?

less people will want to play the sport if they will not get media coverage when they do

How does altitude training help sports people?

Because There Is Less Oxygen Higher Up, So If You Train With Less Oxygen The Real Thing (Sports Event, Match et) Will Be Easy - Answer By: Adam Miller-Bettridge

Why do you think some sports have more or less players participating than other sports?

well some people don't like certain sports and people like certain sports but for some reason soccer is m ost liked because you hardley get a chance to sit like football and baseball even basketball people just like sports that you don't have to sit out

What sports does the CBS Sportline cover?

CBS Sportline covers all major sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football. They also cover some minor sports during the night where less people watch.

What are 5 members of the sports medicine team?

What are 5 members of the sports medicine team?

What are the demographics of sprains and strains?

Sprains and strains are common. Anyone can have them. Children under age eight are less likely to have sprains than are older people. People who are active in sports suffer more strains and sprains than less active people.

Why do less than half the people in high school play sports?

eather they have poor grades don't want to or are LAZY

Are sidekicks real?

Yes but only a few people are like less than 5 people

What sports do chinise people do?

some same sports as british people

What are some advantages and disadvantages of playing individual sports?

One advantage is that you don't have to rely on other people in order for you to win. However, if you lose it's all on you and there are less people to encourage and help you on the court or field. I personally prefer team sports.

Why are some students not interested in sports?

Different people have different interests. Sports simply has no appeal to some students, most commonly those whose physical skills are less developed compared to their intellectual skills. There are numerous professions associated with sports, from professional players and coaches to sports medicine to lawyers and agents. Normally people who were good at sports would be more interested in these types of jobs.

Should sports involve body contact and inflicting force be encouraged?

Many sports by their nature are a demonstration of strength and involve physical contact. As long as that is controlled well with rules, there is nothing wrong with physical sports. If people are happy to play them, then they should be allowed to. If we had no physical sports, sports would not be so interesting. There is also a need for people to have some outlet for expressing their physical strength. If they are not allowed to do it in sport, they may do it in far less controlled ways, such as violence. We need all kinds of sports, for all kinds of people. So yes, physical sports should be encouraged.

What percentage of people watch sports?

40% - 64% of people watch sports

Why do women get paid less the men in sports?

women get payed less than men in sports because men sports have higher attendance and larger network deals thus the orginozation has more money to pay the players

How many people die each year from playing sports?

about more then 1,000,000 children between the ages 5-14 die each year due to competitive sports

What is the estimate of how many people play sports?

89% out of 100% people play sports.

How many people die from extreme sports?

About a million of people have died from estreme sports.

How many people get injured playing sports each year?

it depends on how many people are playing sports.

Why do people like people sports?

I enjoy sports because they are fun to me and they keep me in shape.

Why is sports important to people?

People like sports because they think it is facanating to watch and do!

What do Norwegians do for entertainment?

most of the population participate in outdoor sports. with less than 5million people, they came in third in the 2010 winter olympics.

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