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less people will want to play the sport if they will not get media coverage when they do

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Q: How have sports that attract less media coverage been affected?
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How can public officials attract and shape media coverage?

They can't.

What sports get the most media coverage in Australia?

cricket and horse racing

Name at least one way in which coverage has affected the game of football?

Media coverage has affected the game of football by slowing the game down with commercials and advertisements.

Why do some sports receive more media coverage then others?

Some sports receive more media than other sports because they are more popular and have a larger fan base.

What are the US's national sports?

Currently, the main sports in the US are football, baseball, basketball and auto racing. These sports are among the most popular ones in terms of attendance and media coverage.

How can we help women get more sports media coverage?

It requires a great deal of collective action, but it is possible to improve upon women's sports coverage. 1. Increase demand by engaging the coverage which does exist. 2. Share ideas for improving coverage with teams and networks. 3. Buy things that will help teams to make money.

Do extensive coverage by the media ensure a fair trial?

Hardly, as the media is rarely or never unbiased in their coverage.

What reasons why some pressure groups largely base their campaigns on media coverage?

Because media coverage is free.

How has media coverage of wars changed from vietnam Is it better or worse?

Media coverage of wars changed from Vietnam for better.

When was Sports media created?

Sports media was created in 1991.

What has the author Jan D Winslow written?

Jan D. Winslow has written: 'Media coverage of women's NCAA varsity sports as a function of the structure of the sports information office' -- subject(s): Sports journalism, College publicity, Management, College sports

Is a person guaranteed media coverage in a trial?

There is no guarantee of media coverage. It isn't a right, it only occurs when the trial is of interest to the general public.

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