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All team sports require co-ordination.

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Q: What sports do you use coordination in?
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Related questions

What are the importance of coordination in sports?

Coordination can help you be better at the sport you do and in certain sports help flexability.

Why is coordination needed in boxing?

Coordination is needed in MOST sports!

What sport needs coordination?

all sports need coordination- esp gymnastics

What sports need no coordination?


What sport used coordination?

All team sports require coordination within the team. And all sports require the athletes to be able to coordinate their body movements.

What do sports teach you?

Hand-Eye Coordination.

What sports do you need coordination?

Every sport.

What sports require neuromuscular coordination?

They all do. In fact, a person can't move without neuromuscular coordination.

How do you use Coordination for gymnastics?

You cant use coordination... you have to HAVE IT!!!

How does coordination affect your sports performance?

coordination helps your sport performance by increasing your reaction speed, accuracy agility, and reaction accuracy

What is eye hand coordination important for?

Eye-hand coordination is important for sports or when you have a really angry spouse and they throw things at you cause if you have eye-hand coordination than you can catch watever they are throwing.^_^

Does Bella Swan like sports?

No, she doesn't have very good coordination and is not good at sports. She hates gym class.

What are the Importance of motor abilities in sports?

Motor abilities in sports help coordination. If a person did not have finely tuned motor skills and was not coordinated, they could not competently play sports.

How does sports improve hand eye coordination?

Sports, Such as ping - pong and tennis, Can improve your hand- eye coordination by training your eyes to react to your surrounding faster. Try playing pingpong. That's a quick way to improve hand- eye coordination. Hope I helped. =] i found karate helped allot with mine as i have disphraxia.

Does wii sports improve your sports skills?

Well, to tell you the truth not really. It helps with hand-eye coordination, also if you do it enough you can get fit

What does coordination mean in sport?

Coordination means that you have control over the movements of your body. All sports require some coordinated movement, whether it involves moving a ball or moving your body.

2 sports skills used to play soccer?

running endurance and foot coordination if you are a field player if you are the goalie you need hand eye coordination to stop the ball

What is the definition of Coordination in sports?

According to wordnet, it is the "skillful and effective interaction of movements". When referring to hand-eye coordination, the definition is "coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement, and the processing of visual input to guide reaching and grasping along with the use of proprioception of the hands to guide the eyes." according to wikipedia.

How do you use coordination in a sentence?

He doesn't have very good hand-eye coordination. Troops require coordination to carry out a successful attack.

Can you use decimal in coordination?


How do you you use the word coordination in a sentence?

The coordination left them with nothing to worry about. He lost all coodination of his left side after the stroke.

What are the physical requirements of playing dual sports?

Overall fitness. The main things you should focus on is core muscle hand eye coordination and endurance. But this all depends on what sports your playing.

What services does the RIPE Network Coordination center provide?

The RIPE Network Coordination Centre provides internet resource allocations, registration services, and coordination activities that support the use of internet worldwide.

What does gymnastics do for you?

Most say that gymnastics the foundation for most sports. Gymnastics helps to grow strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

What sports require co ordination?

Nearly all sports require some form of co-ordination. Co-ordination means being able to use you hands or any other part of your body in conjunction with something else. For example in tennis, you require hand-eye coordination, to time when the ball is coming and when to hit it. In soccer you require foot-eye coordination, to time when and where to kick the ball. There are no sports that I can think of that do not require some form of co-ordination. Even chess needs basic hand-eye. Hope that helped