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swimming the channel is one. this is because your body composition will keep you warm in the cold water

swimming in a pool when it is cold to when it gets warm will make your body composition better or worse i think so

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Q: What sports do you use body composition in?
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What sports use body composition?

football and swimming are sport that use body compostion.

What is the definition of body composition in sports?

your fat

How does body composition link to sport?

Health is associated with body and body fitness is entirely associated with every sports. If the composition of body is not appropriate then sportsmen will not perform with perfection. In short body composition plays a very important role in sports.

What sports involve body composition?

lord cornwallis

How does body composition affect sports performance?


Which sports require good body composition?

rugby footbol swimming :) :) x

Ratio of body fat to lean body tissue is what?

muscle composition, body composition, physical composition, or flexible composition

What is more important body weight or body composition?

body composition

What sports need body composition?

All sports need body composition. There are three different types of body type: Mesomroph - Think M for muscular - This body type is muscular, an upside down christmas tree body type Endomorph - Think D for donut - This body type is fat basically Ectomorph - This is the last body type and the only one remaining - skinny, think of your classic kenyan long distance athletes

What is the ratio of lean body tissue to body fat?

muscle composition, body composition, physical composition, or flexible composition

Good flexibility has been shown to convey all of the following benefits EXCEPT?

Good body composition. Flexibility will help prevent injuries, enhance performance in sports and help prevent muscle soreness. It will not help body composition.

What has the author Peter Bale written?

Peter Bale has written: 'Bibliography of research papers on physique, somatotyping and body compositionrelated to sports performance' 'A bibliography of research papers on physique, somatyping and body composition related to sports performance'

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