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Some sports you do barefoot are gymnastics. That's the biggest.

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What do people do in Jamaica?

they play soccer bare foot .they love football and all the sports we play.Believe me because I am a jamacan

What sports do you play using your foot?


What sports does Jeff Kinney play?

he likes to play foot ball .

Why your always in a bare foot is correct?

It is better to be in a bare foot is always correct because if we would wear the shoe whole of the day we would have athlete's foot disease and if we are bare foot the sweat of foot just dry up and because of that it is better to be bare foot Azhar uddin khan-India

What is Nick Jonas favirote thing to do?

to play sports to play foot ball to play basketball

When was bare foot founded by Shakira?

Bare foot was found in 1995 in Chile when shakira was in a festival.

How do you make your foot smaller?

Where shoes around the house and dont be bare foot being bare foot can make it bigger and bigger

Is it illegal to drive bare foot?

NO.Plus how would they know u were driving bare foot!c

Do people play sports in the Hudson Bay lowlands?

Yes people play soccer foot ball and all kinds of sports in this region.

Use the word bare in a sentence?

she walked bare foot outside

How do you use the word bare in a setence?

he went racing with his bare foot.

What do you call it when you have no socks on?

bare foot

What sports does Jake clancy play?

Hockey, Basket ball, Soccer and Foot Ball

What sports do the play in Scandinavia?

The Scandinavian country Sweden's national game is Foot ball.

What sports did the Ancient Greeks play that are still played today?

They still have foot races.

What is bare?

Bare means: 1. A lot of/very 2. Naked (foot/hand)

Can you use the word bare for wear Ex. He bared a thin pair of jeans?

No. The definition of bare means to be empty; not wearing anything. The cabinet was bare for i have not shopped in weeks. I cut my foot down at the river because i was bare-foot.

Is it illegal to drive bare foot in the UK?


Do you run faster in soccer cleats or in bare foot?

On wet and slippery grass, you will run faster in cleats.On concrete, bare foot will give you an advantage.

Dose africans go bare foot to places?

Yes as Africa is known for poor people to go bare foot. they don't have any footwear at all

What is a French paragraph about sports you play and when?

Je joue le foot tout le jours. I Play football every day

Temperature of a human foot?

depends on whether foot is bare and also room temp

What is the bare weight of 250 mcm per foot?

0.75 pounds per foot

Is Jessie from Pokemon seen bare foot?


Why do people care so much about athlete's foot?

people care about athletes foot b/c it may affect the way they do and play sports.