What sports brings more money to television?

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Football, and Basketball

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2011-02-12 19:40:12
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Q: What sports brings more money to television?
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Why is men sport airtime on TV more then woman sport airtime?

this is because men are better than women ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sports that are shown on TV are driven primarily but the number of people that watch them and by who watches them. This information is used by the TV stations so they can know how much money to charge the advertisers for commercials. It is known that more men watch sports than do women. And it is known that men watch more men's sports than women's sports, therefore, a men's sporting event usually will have more viewers than a women's sporting event. And if there are more people watching that means the TV stations can charge more money for the commercials. So that is why you see more men's sports than women's sports on TV. It has nothing to do with whether men or women are better. Anybody that has watched women's sports knows that the level of competition and drama is just as good as men's sports.

Name somethig a woman might accuse her husband of loving more than her?

His car, sports, the dog, his job, TV, money, the kids

How does television affect sports?

It gets sports news "out there" so more people would be interested in sports and competing in them.

How much is the subscription to Sky Sports Football News?

Sky TV gives you the chance to bundle to save even more money, however, if you just want to add Sky Sports to your existing Sky TV Package, it is 21 L a month extra.

What impact has tv had on competitive sports?

I think people have taken many sports more for the money now . BUt it helps homebodys watch live telecasts of there fave teams w/out paying ridiculous amounts to go live.

Why major sports teams are located in or near large cities?

By having a game in a large city: 1. brings money to the city, therefore increasing money for surrounding businesses. 2. More people can attend the activity when it is more accessible for more people to go because it is closer to their home. 3. the sports teams will make more money when more people attend the event.

Why do countries want more industry?

Brings in more money and wealth.

Why did sports become so popular?

The main reason that why sports became popular is that people found that it will help you lose more weight and it's fun! The other big factor is the increased amount of leisure time that people today enjoy, coupled with the greatly improved coverage of sports on television and the greatly increased emphasis placed on sports by schools and colleges. Also, people have more money to spend on entertainment and sports gets its share.

Where can one watch CBS Sports?

Someone can watch CBS sports on the CBS television channel, or you can also watch it on the CBS Sports internet website. It would be easier and more clear to watch it on the television.

What is deficts?

When the government does spend more money than it brings in.

Do the GRAMMYs award money to the winners?

No, the award is fame which in return brings them more money.

Where can you watch live sports TV online?

Fromsportcom, streamtowatch,, espn.go, and much more. I watch Sports on Flash Sports Streams (You Need To Register To Watch Sports There) is the best choice!

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