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Typically swimming sports...

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Q: What sports are played in a pool?
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Which sport is played with a ball in a pool?

Water polo and water volleyball are sports played with a ball in a pool.

Can underwater sports be played in the ocean instead of a pool?

Well it deppends what game it is

Can underwater sports be played in the ocean instead of in a pool?

underwater basket weaving sure can

Sports played in England?

football (soccer), rugby , golf , tennis , badminton , cricket, pool, snooker,

Where can one purchase bumper pool tables?

You can purchase Bumper Pool Tables at Sears, Amazon and Target. American Super Sports and Sports Online have Bumper Pool Tables for sale. There are different models of the Bumper Pool Tables at these stores.

Where can one find a pool table for sale?

There are many places in the UK that sell pool tables. These may include sports stores such as JJB and Sports Direct. Online they can be purchased from Simply Pool, Ebay or Argos.

What sport was played on the titanic?

Many sports were played on Titanic. She had a gymnasium - and her and Olympic had the first heated swimming pool for any sailing vessel and the first squash court for any sailing vessel.

What sports have only one syllable?

pool, catch, sprints,

Is there a sport that has 1 syllable?

Some examples of sports with one syllable are:-golf-luge-pool-there are so many!

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

What are some of the sports played in the Midwest region?

What sports are played in the Midwest

What movie and television projects has Al Samuels been in?

Al Samuels has: Played Pool man in "Ride Me" in 1994. Played Regular Performer in "The Sports Bar" in 1996. Played Accident Witness in "Stranger Than Fiction" in 2006. Played Al Click in "Sports Action Team" in 2006. Played Casting Director in "The Strip" in 2009. Played Dr. Day in "House of Lies" in 2012. Played Skippy Wiggins in "Happy Bobby Gulliver" in 2012.

What are three sports that use black balls?

Bowling, pool, and croquet.

What sports are played in djibouti?

the sports that are played in djibouti are tennis

What sports are played in Greece?

all sports played in the U.S.A

Were Sports played in 1880?

Yes sports were played in the 1880s!!!!!!!!

What months are American sports played in?

If you account all sports then all year long sports are played.

What is the difference betindoor and outdoor sports?

indoor sports are played outdoors and outdoor sports are played indoors

What are the Canadian sports?

Canadian sports are sports that Canadians played and originated

What kind of sports were played in Sparta?

Spartans played Olympic Sports

How many sports are played in Syria?

There are 60 sports played in Syria.

How many sports are played in Hawaii?

Many sports are played in Hawaii!!

What sports are play inside only?

The sports that can only be played inside are the following:Table TennisDartsSnookerPoolBilliards

What are japan's favorite sports?

snooker. pool and basket ball

What is the depth of the Singapore Sports School pool?

Depends on how many people urinate in it