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There is a wide variety of sports in the UK but the most common are usally Rugby and football(soccer).

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2010-03-18 22:36:35
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Q: What sports are found in the UK?
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Why are UK sports weird?

Sports in the United Kingdom are not weird. Most of the sports are found in many other countries and are major world sports, such as soccer, rugby, golf, horse racing and many others.

Where can you buy pre wrap in the UK?

go to and you can order it, its also found at olympia sports stores

Sky Sports in the UK offers live coverage for which sports?

Sky Sports in the UK offers the best live coverage and news of sports in the UK. These sports include football, golf, rugby, cricket, tennis, F1, and boxing.

Whats the definition of sky ports?

Sky Sports is a brand name for a sports-oriented television channels in the UK and Ireland. There is no sky ports can be found anywhere for the question.

Where is UK sports?

They have branches all over the UK.

What do sports coach UK do?

are u talking about kentucky urm, no sports coach UK, the clue's in the name?

How many locations of JD Sports are there in the UK?

Founded in Manchester in early 1981, JD Sports has over 900 stores in the UK alone. They are the UK's leading multiple retailer of sports and causal wear.

What does the UK's Daily Telegraph provide?

The UK's Daily Telegraph provides all the current political affairs within the UK and all the latest news from around the globe including economic information. On the backpage sports can be found.

What are the UK's sports?

soccer and skipping

How many stores do JJB Sports have in the UK?

there are 146 stores in the UK

What is UK Sport's motto?

UK Sport's motto is 'The UK's high performance sports agency'.

What are the best sports stores?

at the moment one of the most popular sports stores in the UK IS JJB sports

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