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Nope... they have original sports

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Q: Are there sports that are played in France that aren't played in the UK?
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What professional sports are played in the UK in June?

Cricket, tennis, golf, sailing etc.

Where is France in the UK?

France is NOT in the UK.- And even if they could be, they would probably consider it 'undignified')

What sports are played in UK?

Tennis, football, rugby, basketball, netball, cricket, rounders, squash, badminton and more

Is France bigger then UK?

Yes, France is larger than the UK. France is about 643,801 square kilometres, while the UK is about 242,495 square kilometres.

Is the UK the UK the same as France?


what countries played a major role in both world wars?

USA, USSR, UK, Germany, Italy, France

What do sports coach UK do?

are u talking about kentucky urm, no sports coach UK, the clue's in the name?

Where is UK sports?

They have branches all over the UK.

Is it more expensive to post a letter from France to UK than inland in France?

From the UK

How long to travel from UK to France in a plane?

It takes two hours from the UK to France.

Where were some of the most popular sports were invented?

cricket, rugby, boxing, football (soccer) -UK. baseball, American football-US. basketball-Canada. tennis-France.

What sports are found in the UK?

There is a wide variety of sports in the UK but the most common are usally rugby and football(soccer).