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women's boxing

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What sporting event did London add to the Olympics?
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What event did London add to the 2012 Olympics?

Women's Boxing

What sport did London add to the Olympics games?


What event did they add to the 2008 Summer Olympics that they didnt have the 2004 Summer Olympics?

synchronised orgasms

Who were the first ones to start cheerleading?

they were actually boys, at a sporting event that jumped in front of the crowd because they thought they needed to add pep to the game they were actually boys, at a sporting event that jumped in front of the crowd because they thought they needed to add pep to the game

How often are events added to the summer Olympics?

Every Olympic has a new event added to it, whether it a completely new sport, event, or existing event which allows another sex to compete in it. Here are some example of the past few Olympics sports addition. 2006 Turin added Snowboard Cross. 2008 Beijing added Open Water Swimming and BMX racing. 2010 Vancouver added Ski Cross. 2012 London will add Women's Boxing. 2014 Sochi will add Women's Ski Jumping. 2016 Rio will add Golf and Rogby.

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When was snowboarding add into the winter Olympics?


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What sport did London add?


What sport did England add in the Olympics this year?


What sport did host countries add to the Olympics?


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How many medals were awarded during the 2012 Olympics?

About maybe 300. If you want to know exactly how much, you can download the app. Type in London 2012 olympic results, and then add up all the medals posted.

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When did ancient Olympians add more games in the Olympics?

your bum looks fat in that outfit.

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no u fool add me on fb Brianna Bent

Should horses be in the Olympics?

There should be a separate horse Olympics or a new Olympics since the current Olympics is overloaded enough with events. To add any new events means removing another sport. At any rate, there should be world games for such majestic creatures.

How does the Olympics affect society?

The Olympics affect the society because of the amounts of pollution it makes. The whole crowd that goes to the stadium leaves a lot of a mess, so... ADD ON!

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