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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What sport did London add to the Olympics games?
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What sport did London add?


What sport did England add in the Olympics this year?


What sport did host countries add to the Olympics?


What event did London add to the 2012 Olympics?

Women's Boxing

What sporting event did London add to the Olympics?

women's boxing

Should horses be in the Olympics?

There should be a separate horse Olympics or a new Olympics since the current Olympics is overloaded enough with events. To add any new events means removing another sport. At any rate, there should be world games for such majestic creatures.

Which sport will be introduced in the London 2012 games?

There will be no new introduced sport Karate and squash were considered and not approved. They did add Women;s Boxing but Boxing was already part of the sports and was just an added set of events.

When did ancient Olympians add more games in the Olympics?

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When did the Water Olympic Games start?

There are no Water or Aquatic Olympics Games, only Summer and Winter. There is no discussion to add an Aquatic Olympic Games as of this time (July 2012).

When was snowboarding add into the winter Olympics?


How often are events added to the summer Olympics?

Every Olympic has a new event added to it, whether it a completely new sport, event, or existing event which allows another sex to compete in it. Here are some example of the past few Olympics sports addition. 2006 Turin added Snowboard Cross. 2008 Beijing added Open Water Swimming and BMX racing. 2010 Vancouver added Ski Cross. 2012 London will add Women's Boxing. 2014 Sochi will add Women's Ski Jumping. 2016 Rio will add Golf and Rogby.

What event did they add to the 2008 Summer Olympics that they didnt have the 2004 Summer Olympics?

synchronised orgasms

What would you add on team?

A player for that sport

How many games does Jocuri online add everyday?

Jocuri Online Games adds approximately 2 to 3 new games everyday to their free gaming website. There are hundreds of fun games including sport games, adventure games and racing car games.

List of the events women cannot participate in the Olympics?

At the previous two Olympics (2008 Summer Games in Beijing and 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver) there were three sports that women did not compete in .... boxing, ski jumping, and nordic combined. Women's boxing has been included in the 2012 Summer Games in London. The International Olympic Committee is scheduled to rule on including women's ski jumping to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi in April, 2011. With 43 nations sending competitors to the recent world championships in Norway, it is almost a lock that women's ski jumping will debut in 2014. Nordic combined is a sport that combines ski jumping and cross country skiing. The clamor to add women's nordic combined to the Olympics has not been as strong as that of adding women's ski jumping. But, rest assured, as soon as women's ski jumping is added to the Olympics women's nordic combined won't be too far behind.

How do you add freon to 2003 Jeep Liberty sport?

add r134a to the service port

What did Schelenz add to the rules because of the popularity of new sport in Germany?

what did schelenz add to the rules because of the popularity of new sport in germany

Why London for the Olympics?

Cities have to bid to host the Olympic Games. At the deadline for bids for the 2012 games, 9 cities had submitted their bids. These were: Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. It then goes to a second round, to narrow the field. The IOC reduced the cities to: London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, and Paris. The next step is for the IOC to send inspectors to the candidate cities. After the inspections comes the evaluation of the reports, and then a vote. At the voting sessions, Moscow, New York and Madrid were ruled out, and it came down to a vote between London and Paris. London won by 54 votes to 50. It is not a bid of money, I would like to add...rather a presentation of what the host city would offer the Olympics, and how this would benefit the city/country afterwards.

Will WikiAnswers add parkour as a sport or activity soon?

They have already.

How many medals were awarded during the 2012 Olympics?

About maybe 300. If you want to know exactly how much, you can download the app. Type in London 2012 olympic results, and then add up all the medals posted.

What percent of children get ADD from video games?

None, you can't get ADD from video games.

How do you add games on to your website?

download the games

Did China add an Olympic sport?

Yes. Bicycle Motocross BMX

Why is lacrosse not an Olympic Game?

Not enough countries play lacrosse nor are there enough governing federations associated with the International Lacrosse Federation for the International Olympic Committee to consider adding lacrosse to its list of sports. The popularity of lacrosse is growing ... at the start of 2010 there were 36 countries that were members of the Internation Lacrosse Federation. 40 countries are needed in an international federation before the International Olympic Committee will consider the sport for the Games. And after getting the 40 countries it is a minimun seven year wait before the sport will be added to the Games by the IOC. The IOC will probably add lacrosse to its list of sports in this decade and, possibly, add lacrosse to the Olympics in the 2020s.

Why is Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic sport but karate isn't?

There are specific items that have to be met in order to be a part of the Olympics. Some of the key requirements:A single international associationParticipants in dozens of countriesThere has to be a standard way of scoring and judging the competition.The Korean government spent a lot of time codifying taekwondo. They created the rules and sponsored instructors and new schools throughout the world.The World Karate Federation has taken steps to join the Olympic Games. In 2005, they made a bid to be included in the 2012 London Games, but they were not successful. In 2009, they made another bid to be included in the 2016 Rio Games, but they were not successful.One of the obstacles to creating new Olympic sports is related to the decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to limit the size of the games. Currently, the summer Olympics is limited to 10,500 athletes. In order to add a sport, another sport has to give up spaces for athletes. This same obstacle makes it difficult to add the women's version of some sports.At the 2008 Beijing Games, taekwondo was limited to 128 athletes: 64 men and 64 women. No team may bring more than 4 athletes. Instead of the traditional. 16 weight classes. Olympic taekwondo is limited to 8 weight classes.Why don't they put some indoor sports on the winter olympic schedule?