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Q: What sport is played with a ball caught by player with a net?
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What is the sport tennis?

The sport tennis is a sport which is played across the world. Where you strike a ball with a tennis racket. And then ball has to get past the net and the other player does the same. The way you win is if the player misses, hits the ball out.

What sport is played with the heaviest ball?

Bowling is played with the heaviest ball.

First ball sport played?

Base ball is the first ball game played.

What does a player have to do for a caught ball to be called an out?

They just have to catch the ball.

What is a ball player?

A ball player is a person who plays any form of ball game or sport, such as baseball or basketball.

What is only sport played with a ball that when you have possession of the ball you are on defense?


A sport played with a ball and no net?


What is the sport played with a stick and a ball?


What sport is not played with a ball?

horse racing

What sport has a ball and is played on a court?


Which sport is played with a ball in a pool?

Water polo and water volleyball are sports played with a ball in a pool.

Is a baseball caught in the stands an out?

If it is caught by the player in the stands with no interference (such as a fan tipping the ball up), it is an out.

What sport played with 16 pound ball?


What was the second sport to ever be played?

basket ball

Is the batter out if the ball bounces off another player and it is caught before hitting the ground?

Depends. If the ball bounces of a defensive player, and is caught, the batter is out. If it hits a runner, the ball is dead and the runner is out but the hitter is awarded first base.

What was a sport played in Babylonian?

babylonians played with the ball around 350 b.c.

Most played Sport in UK?

Soccer "foot ball"

What is the most played sport for girls?

volley ball / Hockey

What is the most popular sport played in the mountains?

Mountin Ball

What happens when a defensive player catches a foul ball in baseball?

It is an out, just like when it is a fair ball that is caught.

What movie and television projects has Jason Keith Davis been in?

Jason Keith Davis has: Played Ball Room Band Member in "What Happens in Vegas" in 2008. Played Brad in "Community Service" in 2008. Played Ball Player in "Caught" in 2011. Played Masked Man in "The Following" in 2013. Played Hockey Player in "Non-dicktion" in 2014.

Fouls and outs?

In baseball, fouls are when the ball is hit "out of bounds" or not within the first and third base line. An out could be when a player is struck out, or if the player hits the ball and the ball is caught.

In which sport will you hear the term ' to tee off'?

When a golf ball is placed on a tee on the first shot played on hole, and the player hits the ball this is referred to as Teeing off or a tee off.

What is the least played sport in Canada?

Buzkashi -- that central Asian sport that resembles polo but is played with a headless goat or calf instead of a ball

If you head the ball what sport is being played?

Most likely soccer