Is soccer a worldwide sport

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Q: Is soccer a worldwide sport
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Which sport is most watched worldwide?


What was the first sport to achieve a worldwide status?


What is the most played sport worldwide?

soccer, or football

What is a sport played worldwide beginning with the letter s?


What is the number one sport people play worldwide?


What is the fewest attended sport worldwide?

soccer soccer soccer soccer!!!!!! aha jarret p.s BASEBALL RULES

What makes a game a sport?

A sport is techniocly something active and is worldwide so soccer, in England its football, everywhere else its soccer, football is football everywhere, swimming is sooo worldwide.

What is the most famous sport worldwide?

soccer (aka football in every other country)

What was the most popular sport from the 60s?

Worldwide, it would be football (soccer).

What sport is more profitable worldwide?

Football. (Soccer as it is known in North America)

What is the most popular us spectator sport?

Soccer- worldwide Football- U.S.

What is a mainsteam sport?

Sports that the majority of people play and/or watch. Examples: Soccer is played worldwide, Football is a mainstream sport in america.