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Basketball, football, volleyball

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Q: What sport is for taller people?
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What sport gets you a taller?

No sport will make you grow taller. Growth is a matter of nutrition and genetics.

What is the best sport to get taller?

I beleive that basketball is the best sport to get taller because when you shoot,dunk or do a layup you stretch up that means your body gets taller

What are sports that help to grow taller?

Sport that involve jumping help you grow taller. For example, basketball.

Why are people taller now?

People are taller just because of the way our world is coming. The taller people tend to play sports, and there seems to be a lot of people playing sports.

Do shorter people have more energy then taller people?

yes,shorter people do have more energy then taller people.

Do taller people have a greater lung capacity than shorter people?

Taller people have more lung capacity

Do people who eat more grow taller?

No people who eat more do NOT grow taller. People grow taller when they sleep more. We have hormones in our body which work when every other hormone's is asleep, so this means that we grow taller when we go to sleep.

Who is the author of do taller people run faster than shorter people?

the author of do taller people run faster then shorter people is Jim Liffer

Why are there so many African Americans in the NBA?

Because they are naturally taller and because they like the sport.

Can taller people jump farther than fast people?

Yes, taller people can jump farther than fast people. They have the tendency to cross the distance.

Can people grow taller than eight feet.?

yes it is possible for people to grow taller than 8 feet.

What percentage of people are taller than six feet?

you are taller than 96% of the population

How can people grow taller?

By sleeping

How do people get taller?

You grow by your age

What sport makes you grow taller?

just exercise a lot by doing so,it can make you not only be taller but prettier or healthier or skinnier you can play the basketball go swimming or just jump

Who have more lung capacity shorter or taller people?

Taller people tend to have greater lung capacities because they have larger lungs.

Why do taller people have longer wingspans than shorter people?

Because your wingspan is approximately equal to your height. So the taller you are the longer your wingspan

Why do people drop out of sport?

People drop out of a sport because they are injured. People also drop out of a sport because they do not like the sport or because they are not any good at it.

How sport connecting to people?

sport connect to people by wgr

Does sport makes you tall?

Swimming is a sport that makes you slightly taller because of the fact you are always stretching when you swim. But I think you just shrink back to your normal height after a while.

If you are 16 and already taller than your parents can you grow taller?

It depends upon genetics. Some people will grow again taller and some will stop growing.

Does stretching help people to grow taller?


Do taller people die faster?


Does taller people tend to have bigger feet?

no it does not

Are people from the north taller than people from the south?

People in the doth are stupid