What sport is called empty hand?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Empty hand is Karate, a Japanese martial art.

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Q: What sport is called empty hand?
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What Japanese sport means empty?

空手 (karate) literally means empty-handed in Japanese (referring to hand-to-hand combat). I'm not too sure of any other sports that have a meaning of 'empty' in Japanese.空 (kara) - empty手 (te) - hand

What is the sport called when you use a ball and your hand?


What does Jyoshinmon mean in English?

The way of the empty hand

What is the thing that is in your hand but your hand is still empty?

Hand Gloves

What does the Japanese word'Karate' is literally?

Karate literally means "empty hand" (kara=empty, te=hand)

What does karate mean in Japanese?

The Way of the Empty Hand

Where does the word karat come from?

The word karate is a Japanese word for the particular Martial Arts style. The word karate means "empty hand" (kara empty, te hand) and was earlier known simply as "hand" or "Chinese hand" after it was developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa).

What actors and actresses appeared in Empty Hand - 1977?

The cast of Empty Hand - 1977 includes: Geoff Britton as himself

What German word means empty and hand?

There is no one German word to mean both empty and hand.The German translation for hand is HandThe German translation for empty is leer

What are the release dates for An Empty Hand - 2009?

An Empty Hand - 2009 was released on: USA: 10 June 2009 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Was karate mean empty handed?

The two kanji that make up karate can be translated as empty hand. Te is the word for hand. Kara can be translated as China, as much of the art came from there, or as empty.

What is the meaning of karate do?

The way of the empty hand.